Athlete Intelligence Teams up with the Florida JR Panthers Hockey Program to take a Step Towards Safer Youth Athletes

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KIRKLAND, Washington – Athlete Intelligence, a leading sports data and analytics company is excited to announce its newest partnership with the Florida JR Panthers Youth Hockey Association. As part of this partnership, each team will have access to the Athlete Intelligence Analytics Platform and each athlete will be outfitted with the CUE Sport Sensor to measure and monitor head related impacts during games and practices.

“Mental health, and long-term athlete development are unfortunately two aspects that get lost in the mix of competition and winning,” says Max Ortolani, Hockey Director for the Florida JR Panthers organization. “With this partnership and the implementation of Athlete Intelligence, we can provide a safe, enjoyable and healthy learning environment for our youth athletes. Our commitment to long-term development is the basis of our vision, while fueling life-long passion for the game of hockey and we’re looking forward to continuing that mission.”

The Athlete Intelligence Platform and CUE Sport Sensor will be used as a coaching tool for the athletic staff to monitor and manage the head-impacts each athlete sustains on the ice. The system will measure the severity, count, and location of each head-impact and report wirelessly to athletic staff if a more severe impact has occurred to warrant further evaluation. The platform also includes a suite of reports, including 3D modeling of each athlete’s head to show impact patterns over time to correspond with those who may need additional training on their technique. “If we can measure what head-related impacts are occurring on the ice, we can better manage our practices and timely intervention with our athletes; it’s a big step forward towards the safer environment we want to create,” Max says.

“We are thrilled to be working with the entire Florida JR Panthers organization,” said Andrew Golden, Director of Marketing for Athlete Intelligence. “It’s a huge step in the right direction towards building better and safer youth athletes. “Access to actionable data is what will help progress athletics and the safety for those that play.” “The real win comes from players who can safely play the game and continue to give back to their communities and become more successful in their personal and professional endeavors well after they have left our program,” Max adds.

About Athlete Intelligence Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, Athlete Intelligence is a data driven and leading sports data and technology company that uses their analytics platform and wearable sensors to help improve athlete safety and performance. The information provided gives sideline personnel detailed information about head-impacts sustained during games and practices to drive decision making to improve technique, enhance performance, and manage safety. For more information on Athlete Intelligence, please visit: [].(

About Florida JR Panthers The Florida JR Panthers are a youth travel association that plays out of the Florida Panthers IceDen, the official practice facility of the Florida Panthers Hockey Club. The association is a Tier II youth travel hockey program offering teams from Mite (8 and under) through Midget (18 and under). The Florida JR Panthers are built upon a foundation that emphasizes Panther pride, development, community involvement and seven core family values: family, leadership, organization, integrity, discipline, and accountability. For more information about the Florida JR Panthers, visit: [].(


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