Ernest Manning High School Teams Up With Athlete Intelligence

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Ernest Manning High School Teams Up with Athlete Intelligence to Measure Impact Metrics and Improve Player Performance

Athlete Intelligence™ is pleased to announce its most recent partnership with Ernest Manning high school in Calgary, Alberta. This football season, the Griffin’s program is teaming up with Athlete Intelligence and the Vector MouthGuard system to provide the coaches and athletes with advanced insights into player performance and safety.

“Player safety is our top priority at Ernest Manning followed close behind by success on the field,” said Ernest Manning Head Football Coach, Wayde Bymoen. “We chose Athlete Intelligence based on its functionality to help us with both aspects. We want to be able to keep a close tab on the impact metrics for the team and individual players, as well as, use the information to improve upon those coachable moments day in and day out.”

The Athlete Intelligence platform and the smart Vector MouthGuard will be used by the Ernest Manning coaching and training staff to collect head impact data and performance metrics. The system measures the severity and location of a head impact and sends a 3D rendition of the impact in real time. The system will identify potentially dangerous hits and unsafe techniques. It will allow the coach to lean in to help build a better, safer team.

“We are excited to be working with Coach Wayde to help him gain more value from players,” said Athlete Intelligence Sales Director, Andrew Golden. “Access to easy-to-use, actionable recommendations will help the team gain a competitive advantage and demonstrate a strong responsibility for player safety.”

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