Wired Nation Features Reducing Concussion Risk With The Cue Sport Sensor

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Concussion-Monitoring Tech Moves Beyond the Gridiron with New Cap-Mounted Sensor

Why it matters to you… Any athlete can benefit from the new Cue Sport Sensor, which reduces the risk of concussion across a variety of activities.

Contact sports carry a risk of brain injury from both one-time collisions and long-term exposure to repeated impacts. To lessen the risk of serious injury, companies like Athlete Intelligence, formerly i1 Biometrics, are pouring a significant amount of time and effort into developing technology that can monitor an athlete for signs of a concussion. This company already produces a helmet-sensor and a high-tech mouth guard for high-impact sports, and now it has unveiled the Cue Sport Sensor, a sensor small enough to fit on a headband or skullcap, and versatile enough to be used in almost any athletic endeavor.

Existing concussion detection technology is focused on helmeted sports like football and hockey, which uses head impact sensors to monitor an athlete’s movements. These sensors, usually mounted on a helmet, send the collected data to a computer platform which parses this information and assess the probability of a concussion. These sensors work well for helmeted sports, but they fall short when it comes to non-helmeted sports like soccer and rugby. This shortfall is a significant issue as recent studies suggest such sports are equally as dangerous as their helmeted counterparts. To address this gap, Athlete Intelligence turned its focus on developing the Cue Sports Sensor.

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